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New to the Harry Potter World

I also posted this to harry_potter so I hope this isn't a duplicate for anyone.

Hi everyone. I’m new to this community and new to the Harry Potter world. I read the first book a while back and wasn’t really into it, but I’ve decided to give the series another try and see what happens. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time or place for me to read it before.
Anyway, I also wanted to share an article I wrote about the hype around the Harry Potter series and I figured the best way to get opinions was go to right to the source – the real Harry Potter fans! Seems like I’ve found them here.
The article can be found here: Harry Potter: What’s the Big Deal?! Please note that this article does NOT intend to put down the Harry Potter series or its author. It’s merely questioning the hype surrounding the series as opposed to other book series or things we find in society. I’d really love to know what you think about how Harry Potter is presented in society, so if you’d read my article and leave a comment here or there, I’d really appreciate it!
Doing my best not to read any of your spoilers (from any book!)… happy reading!
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